Sunday, April 17, 2011

Love Bugs

My friend got some ladybugs for the kids to release in the backyard.
I had no idea you could even do such a thing, it will surely be an event we remember every spring from here on out though because they loved it.
Alexee and Carter couldn't get enough of the little guys crawling all over them, Braiden....not so much.
He liked watching them fly away, he said they felt "funny" when they were on him.
They were telling us all kinds of ladybug facts I didn't even know they knew during the release!


  1. You're children are sooo cute! :D
    And your pictures have come out really well.
    The Dreamer
    P.S. check out my blog:

  2. Brilliant Pictures!
    Your love for them is evident from the pictures!

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