Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Boy Who Stole My Heart

I haven't done pictures of my sweet little boy for awhile.
He wasn't feeling up to it until I informed him if he let me take his picture I would do his chores for that day. Ha, bribery will get you everywhere.
It was so so worth it because I love how they all turned out.
He starts out being all serious, but as you can see that doesn't last long with this one.

My sweet little boy, I can't believe he's already 5......
he is my most sensitive
he is my
he is often in a silly mood
he hates mornings, he wakes up grumpy most of the time
he is really starting to enjoy school
he tells me one of the girls in his class is his girlfriend
he has the best eyelashes....e.v.e.r.

he loves......
to snuggle
his "moogoos"
his puppy "duke"
making us laugh
the color blue
driving fast in daddy's sand car
riding his bike

To the boy who stole my heart I love to the moon and back.

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